Dr. Li holds psychotherapy as a journey to discovering better ways of dealing with life’s challenges. More than just “fixing it”, therapy provides the opportunity to really get clear about what is bothering you; and then, to work together to find your own best resolution. In the process, your strengths and successes are also acknowledged and celebrated.

Dr. Li uses empathy and understanding to meet you where you are in your life’s process. She moves at your own pace toward a more peaceful and comfortable way of being. Her natural tendency to be gentle and nurturing is balanced by a sense of clarity, humor, and commitment to helping others.

Dr. Li grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and is appreciative of the multicultural experience of living in the islands. “I really like helping people help themselves. It’s important to know that therapy is something we work on together. I don’t tell you what to do, but I don’t leave you stranded with your problems either.”

Dr. Li is a licensed clinical psychologist who enjoys working with adult individuals. She works with people on a wide range of issues including: issues of young adulthood, women’s self esteem, stress, anxiety, fears, and adjusting to difficult life challenges.

Dr. Li is a licensed clincal psychologist and works with adult individuals. She accepts HMSA, UHA, and most commercial insurance.

Dr. Li's Appointment Schedule

  • Wednesday Morning
  • Saturday Morning