Honolulu psychologist Dr. Kappenberg combines over 30 years of experience as a psychologist with a genuine sense of concerned interest, and a warm and affable demeanor, to assist you in gently, yet directly addressing the challenges that you face in your life today. Whether it is reducing conflict for a couple, restoring a peaceful family life, or helping you work through a difficult individual issue, Dick’s unique combination of patience, clarity and experience helps to create the confidence and commitment that empower you to make the needed changes.

Dr. Kappenberg has helped his patients overcome depression, anxiety, panic, post traumatic stress, marital and family conflict, parenting issues, breaking self defeating patterns and simply restoring a sense of joy and harmony to their lives.

By helping you recognize and change problematic ways of thinking, perceiving and behaving, Dr. Kappenberg assists you in creating the changes you are looking for to achieve your goals.

Dr. Kappenberg is a two-time past President of the Hawaii Psychological Association and a winner of their Distinguished Service Award. He works with adults, adolescents, couples and families. He accepts HMSA, UHA, and most commercial insurance.

Dr. Kappenberg's Appointment Schedule

  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Wednesday Afternoon
  • Friday Afternoon