Dr. Makishima believes that the core of successful psychotherapy lies in creating a safe place for you to talk about things that are truly important in your life. Her warm and accepting way of understanding your concerns facilitates a mutual process of exploring feelings and problems you may be experiencing. Therapy provides the support you might expect from a close friend, but with the objectivity, professional skills, and knowledge that help you to create your own solutions and bring about real and lasting change in your life.

Raised in Hawaii, Dr. Makishima identifies with the concerns and experiences of our multi-cultural environment. In addition to her doctorate in psychology, Dr. Makishima also holds advanced degrees in Education and Theological Studies. She values and respects the strength that your own cultural and religious/spiritual values and faith can provide.  Dr. Makishima’s commitment to her work as a therapist has grown out of her genuine interest and fondness for people, her desire to help, and her capacity for hope. She often finds that as she brings these commitments to therapy; it helps her clients to strengthen their own sense of hope and belief in themselves.

Dr. Makishima enjoys working with adult individuals and couples. She works with people on a wide range of issues including:

  • overcoming depression
  • making difficult transitions
  • finding meaning
  • relationship issues

She accepts HMSA, UHA, and most commercial insurance.

Dr. Makishima's Appointment Schedule

  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Saturday Morning & Afternoon