Living with pain, physical and emotional, can be a debilitating experience. Often times we suffer with the misconception that there is little or nothing that can be done about it. Therapist Dr. McDowell works with you to help you manage and heal your pain, recovering your energy and enthusiasm and restoring a sense of spontaneity and joy to your life.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Dr. McDowell brings his training, life experience and sensitivity to the multi-cultural experience that is Hawaii. His natural curiosity and genuine enthusiasm serve to create an accepting and nurturing environment that stimulates the courage to explore our pain and find new paths to wholeness.

Dr. McDowell connects with you as a collaborator in learning and creating a renewed sense of health. He creates and holds an environment where you can feel heard, accepted and safe to explore the person you want to be.

Dr. McDowell works with adolescents, adult individuals and couples. He accepts HMSA, UHA, and most commercial insurance.

Dr. McDowell's Appointment Schedule

  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Thursday Afternoon
  • Friday Afternoon
  • Saturday Morning & Afternoon