Dr. Amy Wassman views psychotherapy as a process of self-discovery that empowers people to lead more fulfilling lives.  She appreciates the tremendous amount of courage it takes to open up to a stranger about your concerns and she respects your willingness to feel vulnerable in order to create meaningful change in your life.
As a part-Hawaiian, born and raised in Hawaii, she is passionate about providing culturally informed and respectful care.  She believes that it is vital to understand one’s culture in order to move forward on the path to wellness. She has over 10 years of experience working with Hawaii’s multi-ethnic populations on Oahu and Hawaii Islands.
Dr. Wassman is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in health psychology.  In addition to working with patients on traditional mental health concerns (i.e. depression, anxiety, emotions, thoughts, relationships, life transitions) she also assists with coping with chronic illnesses, new medical diagnoses, and creating healthy lifestyle changes.


Dr. Wassman's Appointment Schedule

  • Monday Morning & Afternoon
  • Wednesday Morning & Afternoon
  • Saturday Morning