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Meet Dr. Kelly Takasawa

Dr. Takasawa’s approach to therapy is shaped by her Christian faith. She believes that psychotherapy is about safely and openly exploring and processing through one’s struggles, stuck points, and areas of difficulty to come into a place of healing, hope, and growth.

She is a skilled therapist and committed Christian who brings her professional interest and unique perspectives to issues involving relationships, life transitions, stress and anxiety, depression, and spiritual…

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Meet Dr. Michael Omizo

Dr. Omizo approaches therapy as a positive step towards increasing your life satisfaction. He provides a safe and supportive environment in which to explore problems and issues. He believes that humans are strong and resilient. Dr. Omizo’s genuine caring and sensitive understanding will move you toward deeper insights and new perceptions while dissolving past obstacles and creating changes that bring you to a new level of fulfillment, respect and understanding for…

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Meet Dr. Claude McDowell

Living with pain, physical and emotional, can be a debilitating experience. Often times we suffer with the misconception that there is little or nothing that can be done about it. Dr. McDowell works with you to help you manage and heal your pain, recovering your energy and enthusiasm and restoring a sense of spontaneity and joy…

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Meet Dr. Martin Johnson

Dr. Johnson helps people deal with change. Sometimes change is thrust upon us in ways that are overwhelming or disturbing. Examples include changes in: relationships, career, health, family life, or loss of loved ones.

Other times, life is going well but there is one area that needs to improve. Examples include creating change in: mood, stress or anxiety level, ways of relating to others, parenting, ending bad habits, creating new habits, becoming more…

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Meet Dr. Donna Makishima

Donna believes that the core of successful psychotherapy lies in creating a safe place for you to talk about things that are truly important in your life. Her warm and accepting way of understanding your concerns facilitates a mutual process of exploring feelings and problems you may be experiencing. Therapy provides the support you might expect from a close friend, but with the objectivity, professional skills, and knowledge that help you to create your own solutions and bring about real and…

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Meet Dr. Richard Kappenberg

Dr. Kappenberg combines over 30 years of experience as a psychologist with a genuine sense of concerned interest, and a warm and affable demeanor, to assist you in gently, yet directly addressing the challenges that you face in your life today. Whether it is reducing conflict for a couple, restoring a peaceful family life, or helping you work through a difficult individual issue, Dick’s unique combination of patience, clarity and experience helps to create the confidence and commitment that empower you to make…

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Meet Dr. Susan Li

Dr. Li holds psychotherapy as a journey to discovering better ways of dealing with life’s challenges. More than just “fixing it”, therapy provides the opportunity to really get clear about what is bothering you; and then, to work together to find your own best resolution. In the process, your strengths and successes are also acknowledged and…

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